#ILoveYouStranger ♥ (Let’s make this viral for the world’s sake!)

Imagine a world where we said “I love you” to complete strangers. Do you think the world would be a better place?

Imagine it…

…a parent on the brink of exhaustion, running the tenth errand of the day, hears, “I love you stranger” from someone they’ve never seen before who is just passing by running their own errands.

…an employee who just got reprimanded and is worried about being fired hears, “I love you stranger” from an unknown customer.

…a child who is suffering at home, unbeknownst by anyone else, hears, “I love you stranger” from a peer he barely knows.

Could hearing it, possibly, make a difference? Would it brighten someone’s day who isn’t used to hearing it, if they hear it at all?

It may sound pretty odd to hear this, but is it too odd to work? I mean, what would you do if someone said it to you? Honestly, your first reaction would probably be to frown and think they’re a weirdo. It would be my reaction too. But then, when you hear someone else say it to you, you might start to straighten up your frown. By the next “I love you stranger” you’re smiling and shaking your head, wondering what in the world is going on? Right? Right??

Would it really be that much different than showing our love through the good deeds we do? I don’t think so. It’s just harder to say you love someone than to show them.

I haven’t tried this out…yet. I would need a lot of caffeinated soda to pump myself up and give me the guts, but I think it would be fun to try! Don’t you think the one saying “I love you stranger” would get just as much out of it as the one you say it to?

I would like to see everyone say #ILoveYouStranger to 5 people. It could be in a day, a week, whenever. Let me know the reaction you get.

If each person could say it to 5 strangers, and they said it to 5 strangers, and so on, we might just change the world. I’m optimistic, are you?

If you see a name on social media you don’t recognize, tell them #ILoveYouStranger.
(Use hashtag)

#ILoveYouStranger ♥


Knitting & Crocheting for Children’s Homes, Inc.

Knitting & Crocheting for Children’s Homes, Inc. Facebook Group is a gathering place for those who love knitting/crocheting and love children. We put our abilities to good use and create for the deserving children at Children’s Homes, Inc. in Paragould, Arkansas. Through this group we can easily keep track of how many we have participating, and it makes it much easier to keep in touch.

Every 6 months, our items will be picked up at Northside church of Christ in Harrison, Arkansas, to be delivered to the children at their campus and to those in their foster homes.

What is Children’s Homes, Inc.?

To quote their website, “Based in Paragould, Ark., Children’s Homes, Inc. has provided help, hope and home to children and families since 1955. We are a faith-based, Christ-centered organization specializing in residential education care, foster care and adoptive care.”

I could tell you all about their fabulous services, but there are so many, you might just want to check them out for yourself.

Feel free to join their Facebook page, too.

You are invited to join us!

If you would like to donate your time and talent to benefit the children at Children’s Homes, Inc., join us at: Knitting & Crocheting for Children’s Home, Inc. Facebook Group.

Knitted and crocheted hats, slippers, bears, blankets, etc. are welcome!

Whether you are a knitter/crocheter, or not, please pass this post, or our FB group link, on to help spread the word. You can share with: friends, family, coworkers, church members, other knitting/crochet groups, etc. The more, the merrier!

Have a blessed day!!
~Tammy Snyder

An idea born out of a happy mistake – making myself a slipper that was too small. 🙂

Crisis Text Line – Text 741741 for Support

I thought this was worth reblogging as May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

On The Verge

Text HELLO to 741741 to speak to a Crisis Counselor.

Free/Confidential, 24/7 support if you or someone you know is in crisis.


I am a Crisis Text Line Counselor and I want to help spread the word about this support line that really has made a difference. Please share this to help spread it even further. Thanks!

Who is Crisis Text Line for?
It’s for Anyone in Any Type of Crisis!
It’s not just for people thinking about suicide, but anyone having a painful moment and needing to talk and be heard.


How does it work?
After you text in, you’ll receive an automated message welcoming you and inviting you to share what has you texting in. Then, usually within 5 minutes (can be longer during high-volume times), you’ll be connected to a live Crisis Counselor.

Once we pick up your text, we’ll introduce ourselves…

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“My Novel Should Be A Movie!” What self-respecting author doesn’t think that?

Yep, I’m one of those. I’m an author that thinks their novel is so unique that it should be made into a movie. Why wouldn’t I think that? I mean, my book is terrific! It’s a love story, it’s based on history, it’s gripping, and it has an unexpected ending. It’s everything you want in a book. Okay, so it’s only self-published as no respectable publishing company was interested in it. Should I care about that fact? I think not! It’s still the most amazing book ever written.

Writing a novel was one of those crazy things I had on my bucket-list growing up. As a lifelong reader, I knew I could do it. I studied the craft and did my homework. Since it’s based on fact, I even did all of the necessary interviewing stuff. I read books, took copious amounts of notes, made phone calls, and chatted with folks in person. I did a lot of work, and it’s something I’m very proud of. I accomplished my goal.

It took me two weeks searching the web for a cover photo that represented the story. Finally, after finding the perfect photo, I contacted the photographer and obtained permission to use it. He was so gracious, I couldn’t thank him enough.

Cover photography, with permission, by James Stewart/Flickr

Isn’t that a beautiful photo for a book titled, The Chimney Still Stands? And if you were to flip to the last chapter, you’d find my setting suits this view perfectly. The similarity is really mind-boggling, since I wrote the book before finding this photo. I think the photographer was reading my mind when he took this shot. Lol

The problem with not being accepted by a publishing company, and not having enough money to really put into your awesome book, is that you have to use the book cover templates that places like Amazon offer for self-publishers. After flipping the photo so the chimney would be on the cover of the book, the only template that even came close to looking suitable was this one:

Okay, so it’s not horrible, but I’d rather not have the square background with the title. I probably could have figured out something a lot better had I been creative and knowledgeable about that sort of thing, but I’m not. I do fear it is judged by this, though, and may turn people away before they give themselves the chance to even read it. I can see their point though. Books are judged by their covers. And so, knowing it may be skipped over by readers, I can pretty much guarantee it won’t ever be seen by those important movie folks. Ah, what a missed opportunity for them. Such is life. A girl can dream, though, can’t she?

Anyway, I am proud of my novel. I accomplished what I set out to do, and didn’t just pay lip service to it.

Next on my bucket list is:

  • Skydiving
  • See The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway
  • RV across America

Nothing too unattainable. Right?

If you’re even a little curious about my novel, you can check it out on Amazon:
The Chimney Still Stands
by Tammy Snyder

Best regards,

*This post written in 1/2 jest. It would be a great movie!! 😉


Look at this photo. What do you see? A family, together, enjoying a television program. Now, of course, I can’t tell you what they’re watching, if it’s wholesome or not, but the point is that it suggests they’re watching something appropriate for all ages. I also can’t tell you what these parents allow their children to watch, what their beliefs are, or what their typical do’s and don’ts are. But just look at it. Isn’t it lovely? Don’t you wish that for your family…everyone sitting around, enjoying the same program with no worries about what might slip out of someone’s mouth, or who will do what when you aren’t expecting it?

Well, why in the world can’t we do that now?
We can? Really? Oh, that’s a relief!

Old shows? Yeah, but what about modern shows? I shouldn’t have to just watch oldies!

No, we can’t. That’s the problem, there’s a problem with most of them.

What do you mean, there is not? Are you kidding me?

Sure, there are a lot of really good shows, or there would be…if they didn’t ruin them.

This has been my typical side of a conversation regarding the issues of today’s television shows and movies.

I will admit, that though I’m a Christian, I’ve been pretty casual about the things I watch. Sure, I’ve taken issue when something was horrendously bad, especially when my kids were younger, but usually I just ignored it. Lately, however, I have just gotten so sick and tired of it all that I can’t stand to watch it anymore.

I have what I would call, #EntertainmentExhaustion. I would define this as being in a state of unrest, or fatigue, having to do with the constant barrage of trash being dumped upon my intellect. Or sin overload, if you want it short and sweet.

Between the language, sexual acts and the suggestive content, it is nearly impossible to find entertainment that we can enjoy as a family anymore.

When did it become so important to get ratings and make millions, that our entertainment had to become tainted with all kinds of sin. I realize some of you are rolling your eyes at calling it sin. Well, know this…it is! And whether we like it or not, watching it condones it.

This isn’t the first time this has ever been brought up. It’s why our shows have ratings, after all. I’m glad for that. It doesn’t seem to be enough, though, does it? Evening sitcoms, I used to think funny, are full of all kinds of inappropriate comments and acts. Why, I wonder, can’t they make comedies that are clean? It’s not that hard. I’ve watched shows that would be just as funny and popular, and would keep their high ratings even if they took out that one thing they just had to put in. That willingness to not care about their audience… who may be watching and listening, is the one thing that will make me never watch it again. Once they show they’re willing to demean us once, they’ll certainly be willing to do so again.

Recently, I went through the shows I had set to record and deleted most of them ( I had a couple clean ones!). I’m still finding, as I turn something on I like, that I cannot watch it anymore because of its content. I’ve weeded out a lot, and that breaks my heart. But I’ve learned that, though I may want to sit around enjoying a good show, God has to come first.

I’ve said before in other posts, I’m not perfect. Far from it! But I would have stood a better chance of having a clean conscience if the people who set out to entertain me, had had a care at all about what they were putting out there.

That may have sounded like I was boohooing entertainment when it should be up to me what I see. Yes, that’s partly true. But, is it completely? I would have to go completely without television, the internet, radio, movies, and everything else in life to not see and hear what’s going on. Even commercials show the sin in a show they’re advertising for. So, even though I wouldn’t watch the show/movie, I still end up seeing the sin. And let’s not forget to mention all the children who end up seeing it, too.

What is the point of rating shows if you’re going to show sin in the commercials?

I am thankful for the TV stations and movie companies that care about the people watching their entertainment and want to make sure future generations have something clean to watch.

What do you think about today’s entertainment?

What If

I just had to reblog this to my site. Considering the recent school shooting, this mother’s post seems relevant…not to mention it touched me.

Scrambled Eggs

I got “that” call this morning.

The one that makes your entire body freeze and your breath catch in your throat.

“This call is to inform parents of a lock-down situation…”

That’s all you need to hear. The rest slides off your eardrums in a fog- “students are safe…” “lockdown has ended…” “more details will be provided…”

And of course you’re endlessly grateful to hear all those things, but all you can really hear, pounding like a drum against your forehead, is “What if.”

What if it had been his school?

What if it had been real?

What if the last time I saw him was the last time that I saw him?

What if what if what if.

I hate living in the What If Era- I hate that our children have to normalize monthly drills during which they practice hiding in closets and standing on toilets silently “so…

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Wanting to write* Can’t think of anything * Write Anyway * UGH * Delete* Repeat

Do you ever have days like this… you turn on your computer really wanting to blog about something, yet nothing is coming to you? Sigh. It’s just one of those days. Well, I’m having one of those right now (another one, in fact.)

I’ve tried a few posts in those blah moments that I thought would inspire others to communicate with me, thereby giving me something to do. Some of those were:

That last one (just yesterday’s) shows just how goofy I can get when I’m desperate.

Maybe they all do!

As you can see, I try. I have good intentions, but what I end up with is just wasted time. So, why do it?

I have no idea!

Anyway, since this is just another one of those soon-to-be-deleted posts, I won’t go any further. But hey, I’ll have another one to add to my poo poo list.

Until next time… 😉

Crisis Text Line – Text 741741 for Support

Text HELLO to 741741 to speak to a Crisis Counselor.

Free/Confidential, 24/7 support if you or someone you know is in crisis.


I am a Crisis Text Line Counselor and I want to help spread the word about this support line that really has made a difference. Please share this to help spread it even further. Thanks!

Who is Crisis Text Line for?
It’s for Anyone in Any Type of Crisis!
It’s not just for people thinking about suicide, but anyone having a painful moment and needing to talk and be heard.


How does it work?
After you text in, you’ll receive an automated message welcoming you and inviting you to share what has you texting in. Then, usually within 5 minutes (can be longer during high-volume times), you’ll be connected to a live Crisis Counselor.

Once we pick up your text, we’ll introduce ourselves and begin listening to you. We’ll chat back and forth asking questions, work on problem solving, and if needed, provide referrals to help you cope. Our goal is to help bring you from a hot moment to a cool calm. You go at your own pace and only need to share what you’re comfortable sharing. Conversations usually last about 45 minutes.


Who are the Crisis Counselors?
We are trained volunteers that can provide support. We are not professionals, thus we cannot offer medical advice. We are empathetic and nonjudgemental. We don’t discuss our own experiences or give advice. Our focus is on supporting you.


Where we are today:
Crisis Text Line has been around since 2013 and was quick to became a widely used, and much needed, support line.

We recently reached 100 million messages. That’s saying a lot!

We are currently nationwide in the United States, and are now in Canada and The United Kingdom. The goal is to spread globally, having one Crisis Text Line per country.

See what the Crisis Trends are.

Videos about Crisis Text Line:

Press Reel

Crisis Text Line: Strangers Helping Strangers via Text | dose.

Volunteer With Crisis Text Line

So you’re interested in becoming a volunteer and are considering Crisis Text Line? That’s awesome! You just became interested in, what I think is, one of the best places on earth! You won’t find a better team of counselors, supervisors and coaches. These folks are so supportive and encouraging it’s incredible. They are eager to lift you up, and when you have an upsetting text experience (let’s face it, it can be rough at times), watch out… they’re all right there to see you through!

When and Where:
Train and counsel from your own home, on your own computer, on your own time.
It’s simple…you want to make a difference. Thousands of texts come through each day – that says a lot about how much your empathy and support is needed.

Come join us. If you do, look me up (Tammy Snyder) and let me know you learned about this on my blog. I can always use a pick-me-up! 😉

For more information on how you can make a difference, visit the Crisis Text Line Volunteer page.

Again, you can help someone else just by sharing this information. Thanks for all you do!

Check out my previous post related to Crisis Text Line at, “How To Help Others Without Sacrificing Your Beliefs – Thoughts From A Crisis Counselor”

47 And Going To Be A Mother Again!

Ah, I thought that would get your attention. lol

It is my greatest pleasure to share that, come June, we’ll be adding another daughter to our family…a daughter-in-law, that is. This will make daughter-in-law #2, as Logan, our middle son, will be reaching another milestone in his life and will be marrying the love of his life, Cassidy Brewer.

Our son, Logan, and his bride-to-be, Cassidy.
Aren’t they adorable?

There is nothing sweeter than watching your children grow through the years, then see their love blossom for another. What a joyous time in our lives we are living right now!

God has certainly blessed our family and is keeping this mama from breaking down in happy tears every day. 🙂 We can’t wait to see them again and join in celebration of what God has joined together. I pray their lives are filled with love and happiness as they grow their own family, and one day feel the joy I now feel.

Stay tuned, as you can bet I’ll have pictures to show after the wedding! 😉

See my post, “I’m Going To Be A Grandma,” for another blessing in our family.